About Us

At OCtech we specialise on applying new technologies to company management and administration. And we believe strongly on team work and sinergy: your deep knowledge and expertise on your own industry together with our proficiency in Information Technologies.

Our experience and knowledge of technologies and their commercial and managerial potential will provide you of a clear vision of the opportunities that technology have to offer to your company, both internally, improving workflow and management, and externally, improving commercial relationships with other companies and professionals (B2B) and with your end user/customer (B2C).

OCtech's mission is to help incorporate new technologies into organizational business processes and companies, maximizing their full potential as tools for work optimization, widening the scope of your business and increasing revenue.

We fully support Open Software, a great source of tools and possibilities that make technologies accesible to small companies, that may be unreachable otherwise. With these technologies we can improve the communication and IT infrastracture of your company, giving it a head start into the digital world!