Marketing 2.0

Marketing 2.0 tries to obtain high quality traffic, i.e. potential customers, to your company's shopwindow on the internet: your webpage. Searchengines are a basic tool when browsing the web and there are ways to improve our presence and positioning in their results.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - tries to optimize the website in order to get the best possible "organic" or "natural" positioning within the results when a potentia customer performs a search.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing - implies advertising on the Search Engines in order to be able to be on the first page of results for a given set of keywords.

Google AdWords® is a great tool for creating and managing advertising campaigns that focus efficiently on your target customers and territories.

We at OCtech offer SEO and SEM services, both local and international / multilingual (german, english, french, dutch). We help you develope your AdWords campaigns, track and monitor the appropriate performance, fine tuning them to get optimum results, in Spain and abroad.

The bidirectional characteristic of Web 2.0 takes online communication to a new level, when considering social media & networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, xing....

A basic step to successfully enter the social networks is to have an organized, well-crafted online communication plan, in order to improve the reputation and credibility of your company.

OCtech advises you on goal definitions, communication strategy (contents, channels and timing) and the appropriate tracking of your communication plan.