Webdesign & Website Hosting

We develope both simple corporate webpages same as complex full multilingual catalogues or online shops.

Your company will have a secure and powerful website where you can change and update your contents yourself, without the need of any technical knowledge. This is one of the multiple advantages that using CMS (Content Management Systems - Database driven webpages) have to offer.

We offer the following web-related services:

Domain names

Your own domain name, your brandname... .com, .es, .org, etc...


Own domain



Benefiting from the latest authentication technologies (SPF, DKIM, DomainKeys)

Web access via web panel

Secure email access (SSL) using standard email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird...)

Bulk mail sending applications (newsletters)

Web Design

We design modular websites, expandable at any time, may grow together with your needs

Self Manageable

Secure Web Site, free of malware or phishing software or intruders

SEO - Search Engine Optimized, for a great search engine crowling and indexing (Google, Yahoo, Bing...)

Spanish LSSI Law fullfilment

Inclusion in main Seearch Engines and Directories, Google Maps, etc

Google Analytics - know your visitors

Ecommerce - online shop


Website and Email Hosting

Individual and multidomain GPLHost's DTC Control Panels

Daily checked against menaces (phishing, malwares)

Daily backup copy both of the web files and databases

Escalable, expandable to your needs

Administered VPS(Virtual Private Servers)

Application Servers (Apache, Tomcat (Java), Ruby...)

Databases (MySQL, PosgreSQL)

Storage, Backups

Remote services Monitoring


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